Incendiary Comments

People discuss Bob Dylan's lyrics and his singing and what's wrong or right with his bands, but nobody ever seems to talk about just how good his time is. This may sound incendiary, but let me suggest that next time you listen you forget about the words, and listen to how he places his notes. The music, not the poetry. He sounds like a soulful horn player. He has an absolutely consistant groove, and he always swings. Has any jazzman thought about playing instrumental versions of Bob Dylan songs? And just when is Dylan going to win the Nobel Prize for literature he so richly deserves?


The left-wing Catholic philosopher Simone Weil, a convert from Judaism, and the role-model of my first wife Norma, who was in love with doom, once wrote: "Evil when we are in its power is not felt as evil but as a necessity, or even a duty."

She also wrote: "Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer."


William Pfaff, one of the few interesting columnists remaining in the International Herald Trombone, wrote the following on Thursday, March 30, 2006:

"The [Capitalist} system in the advanced countries has been rejigged since the 1960s to take wealth from the workers, and from the funding of government, and transfer it to stockholders and corporate executives.

"While that may seem an incendiary comment, it seems to me a simple factual observation."

While this is not exactly news, who says the press no longer prints the truth?