Great Music Quotes

"Never look at the trombones, it only encourages them."
Richard Strauss

"Hell is full of musical amateurs."
George Bernard Shaw

"We never play anything the same way once."
Shelly Manne's definition of jazz musicians

"Someone who knows how to play the accordion, and doesn't."
Al Cohn's definition of a gentleman

"The only tune they play in 4/4 is 'Take Five!'"
(unknown-talking about the Don Ellis band)

"If I could play like Wynton, I wouldn't play like Wynton.
Chet Baker

"I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve."
Xavier Cugat

"I am not handsome, but when women hear me play, they come crawling to my feet."
Niccol├│ Paganini

"Critics can't even make music by rubbing their back legs together."
Mel Brooks

"Wagner's music is better than it sounds."
Mark Twain

"God tells me how the music should sound, but you stand in the way."
Arturo Toscanini to a trumpet player

"When she started to play, Steinway himself came down personally and rubbed his name off the piano."
Bob Hope, on comedienne Phyllis Diller

"In opera, there is always too much singing."
Claude Debussy