MARIO LAGO, a friend who lives in Milan, sent me the following commentary.

Last Friday I went to hear Billy Cobham with his jazz/fusion group at the
Blue Note. Huge noise volume, a cascade of beats and continuos fill-ins, a
bit like a locomotive, (Billy has huge energy and lots of 'prespiration' )
was rendered on two base drums, 5 toms, 5 cymbals etc etc plus all of the five pieces played were rythmically nearly identical and impossible to remember or discern: Frankly cannot be called Jazz..

Unfortunately this also happens often in most of the various summer festivals
which the organisers try to promote as a Jazz Festival to the innocent and
naive (not to say ignorant) general public. The music played is usually without swing, lasting endless number of choruses with no end in sight: Final result BORING!!! Boring!!!