Gettin' X-Perimental Over U

Tickle-toe/Gettin' X-Perimental Over U

(Released on Verve in 1996)

Martin Ingle, Bass and Vocals
Paul Breslin, Guitar and Vocals
Erwan le Marc'hadour, Keys, Drums and programming
Mike Zwerin, Bass Tpt
Mack the Knife

Mack the Knife (by Kurt Weill)/Mack the Knife

The Sextet of Orchestra USA

Thad Jones, Cornet
Jerome Richardson, Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet
Jimmy Raney, Guitar
Richard Davis, Bass
Connie Kay, Drums
Mike Zwerin, Bass Trumpet, Arranger, Director
Mack The Knife

Alabama Song (by Kurt Weill)/Mack The Knife

The Sextet of Orchestra USA
(first released in 1966, re-released on BMG in 1998)

Nick Travis, Tpt,
Eric Dolphy, Flute, Alto and Bass Clarinet,
John Lewis, Piano,
Richard Davis, Bass,
Connie Kay, Drums
Mike Zwerin, Bass Tpt, arranger and director
Not Much Noise

Meeting Point/Not Much Noise

Not Much Noise
(same personnel as Laker to London except
Mike Zwerin, Trombone)

“Everybody play the same sound
Take the sound wherever your thoughts lead you
Never leave it
Come back again and always to the same place."

Karlheinz Stockhausen, May 1968