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Jae Sinnett
Drummer, Composer, Music Educator, Radio Personality

Jae Sinnett is the musician's drummer. Incredibly musical, swinging, soulful, sensitive and possesses power with virtuoso technical skills. He's also a prolific composer...penning over 250 compositions! On his latest release, Zero to 60, his 14th as a band leader, Sinnett has perhaps written his best, most swinging, visionary and memorable compositions to date. Beautifully melodic, balanced with breathtaking improvisation and technical virtuosity. There are nine new songs with one arranged standard, Never Let Me Go. Each piece reflects the seasoned maturity and versatility of a musical veteran with 60 years of life's experiences. The all-star supporting cast of saxophonist Ralph Bowen, pianist Allen Farnham and bassist Hans Glawischnig, is stellar. Simply, a smokin quartet!!! Each plays with incredible energy, soul and perfect musical vision that brings each composition to life. Sinnett decided to come full circle back to all straight up jazz in the classic quartet setting. Zero to 60 is a powerful and profoundly artistic work. We sincerely hope you enjoy the music.

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Dear Mike,

You may find the detailed information of my new released album Climate Change in the following links.

The album has been recorded in Istanbul as a trio, including classical guitar, double bass and percussions. Overall the album is formed with an acoustic sound that combines the fusion of Anatolian themes, Middle East and Latin rhythms together with the modern jazz. The album focuses on the global climate change and the environmental movements such as Gezi Park resistance.

If you find the time to listen to the album, I would be very pleased. I will appreciate if you can write a review about my music, play it on your radio program, mention it in your blog or on your article.

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Artist Name: BURAK KAYA
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Genres: Jazz, World, Latin, Classical Guitar
Label: Weplay
Composer: Burak Kaya
Artist Biography:
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Album Teaser:
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Web Folder (Inc. Tracks [128 kbps] and Documents):
Web Folder (Inc. Tracks [320 kbps] and Documents):
Album Cover:
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Trio Photo:

Colin Trusedell

Hello Mr. Zwerin,

My name is Colin Trusedell and I am an active duty U.S. Air Force bass player and Colorado State University bass professor.

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If you are interested, I would like to see if you might grant me a little exposure through a review but I need to know who to send the CD too.

Attached is my press release and here is a little bit more about the project:

Colin Trusedell’s brand new release, “Quartet of Jazz Death," is an original adventure of Fusion/Jazz Electro Funk music that will be sure to have you placing this record in the top of your listening rotation no matter what your tastes are. Colin Trusedell is an upright and electric bass player originally from Indianapolis, Indiana who is a touring artist and educator. This is Colin’s second release as a band leader following his 2013 release, “Some of My Best Friends Are…Divas." Colin is currently the adjunct Professor of Bass at Colorado State University – Pueblo and the Musical Director for the United States Air Force Academy Band’s Top 40 ensemble, Blue Steel.

The Quartet of Jazz Death consists of some of the best and most well-know musicians in Colorado; Colin Trusedell on electric bass, Steve Langemo on electric guitar, Shawn Hanlon on keyboards and synthesizer, and Stefan Flores on drum set. This album is a compositional debut for Trusedell, featuring 11 brand new compositions and electronic midi samples giving the listener a broad landscape of texture and musical color.

Soaring melodies, funky grooves, drum & bass electro/fusion jazz music, played by amazing musicians filling your ears with awesome music!

Colin Trusedell is officially endorsed by Roscoe Guitars and played his custom Roscoe LG-3005 on all track on “Quartet of Jazz Death."

Similar Musical Comparisons:
Tribal Tech, Snarky Puppy, John McLaughlin, Adam Nitti, Funky Knuckles, Gary Willis, John Scofield, Steps Ahead, Weather Report, Deadmau5.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you,

Robert Hernandez

To Whom It May Concern:We are in the process of clearing rights for a DVD entitled “Jean Tinguely, Niki de Saint Phalle." In one of the short films, entitled “Tinguely: A Kinetic Cosmos," Mr. Zwerin is recording performing in an N.Y.U. Happening in 1967. Please send me an e-mail at with the proper contact person to contact re this matter.Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

nile southern

my condolences--I didn't realize he'd passed away.

Nile Southern

Dear Michael,
You must have known my dad--as I have your letters sent to him over the years--I'm writing to say 'Hi'--and also to see if you might have any letters from him--as we're putting together a book right now of same... Best wishes, Nile

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I'm Mica Moore and I'm promoting a website about drug and alcohol treatment. I have been searching the Internet for sites we think would be just right for our campaign, and your site has caught our attention. Having said that, I'd like to inquire if you're open to the idea of a text link placement on this page:mikezwerin[.]com/html/news.php .

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Minda Zwerin

Only this weekend did my family learn about Michael Zwerin from a family member who shared a picture that included him as a child. Curious, my husband looked up his cousin and found this site. I think I would have loved talking to him as I share his love of writing, jazz, and swing as rebellion. What a life he had. I just wanted to share my condolences from distant cousins.

Minda Zwerin

Josean Jacobo


Thank you for taking your time to read this. The reason why Im writing is because I am interested in submitting my debut album for a review. I am a Pianist from the Dominican Republic, and bandleader of the Afro-Dominican Jazz Quartet "Josean Jacobo & Tumbao". My debut album "Setting Things in order" is on sale, and would love to get reviews from you.

If you need any material, please let me know.

Thank you,


Bill McBirnie

Hi, Mike:

Appended below are details of a new release which might warrant your consideration!

The album features an unusual organ trio format (i.e., flute/organ/drums) with Bill McBirnie on flute, Bernie Senensky on Hammond B3 organ and Anthony Michelli on drums.

To give you some idea of the content, the album includes the following:

(1) So In Love (Cole Porter) – Latin5:46
(2) Yes Indeed! (Sy Oliver) – for Sir James Galway – gospel4:04
(3) Oh! Darling (Lennon/McCartney) – shuffle4:24
(4) Minority (Gigi Gryce) – bebop3:44
(5) Estate (Martino/Brighetti) – bossa nova4:12
(6) Jeannine (Duke Pearson) – swing5:22
(7) Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (Redman/Razaf) – ballad4:31
(8) Yes Or No (Wayne Shorter) – modal5:21
(9) Soy Califa (Dexter Gordon) – Latin/swing4:25
(10) Sister Sadie (Horace Silver) – swing4:25
(11) Rhythm-A-Ning (Thelonious Monk) – swing4:39
(12) Find Your Place (Bill McBirnie) – for Svetlana - bossa nova5:22

Please be advised that I can also provide a DropBox link for direct and immediate download access to all of the tracks, liner notes, artwork, etc.

Finally, for your information and reference, I am appending (1) the liner notes and (2) a one-sheet.

(Thank you for your consideration.)


Bill McBirnie - Extreme Flute
(416) 652-1541
Web Site:
CDs & MP3s:


Personnel & Credits

Bill McBirnie – flute
Bernie Senensky – Hammond B3 organ
Anthony Michelli – drums

Produced – by Bill McBirnie
Co-produced – by Pacy Shulman
Engineering, mixing and mastering – by Pacy Shulman of Hilo Studio
Hammond B3 Organ - provided by Phil Manning of Artist Piano Care
Rock sculpture and photo – by Peter Riedel
Photograph of Bill – by Diane Aubie
Graphic layout and design – by Staci Patten of Accurate Audio

Recorded June 10th and 11th, 2013 at Hilo Studio, Toronto, Ontario

Bill is a designated Haynes Artist. He plays a Wm. S. Haynes Classic Fusion O as well as two vintage, handcrafted Haynes flutes.


Bill McBirnie has achieved something decidedly unlikely for a Canadian flute player, raised in the small town of Port Colborne, Ontario. Despite a rather unremarkable musical beginning, he has succeeded in attaining an international standing as one of today's foremost jazz flutists, all whilst rarely setting foot outside of his native city of Toronto, Ontario.

What has made his slow but steady progress possible has been a long and diligent study of both jazz and classical techniques which Bill combined with a patient determination to make the flute sound natural and convincing in non-classical contexts.

Bill's longstanding commitment to the instrument has earned him consistently unequivocal acclaim and awards, both here in Canada and abroad, including Flutist of the Year (Jazz Report Awards), winner of all three of the Jazz Flute (1) Soloist, (2) Masterclass and (3) Big Band Competitions (National Flute Association in the USA), Best Jazz Album (Toronto Independent Music Awards) and nomination for Best Jazz Album (Independent Music Awards in the USA).

As a testimony to his noteworthy place in the international flute community, Bill was solicited personally by the esteemed classical flutist, Sir James Galway, to serve as his resident Jazz Flute Specialist at Sir James' official web siteand this despite Bill’s limited renown and virtual seclusion in Canada.

Thanks & Acknowledgements

This trio would not be the unique combination that it is without the support of two enormously talented Canadian musiciansnamely, Bernie Senensky on the Hammond B3 organ and Anthony Michelli on drums. To both of them, I offer my utmost thanks—first, for agreeing to participate in what was a rather eccentric "organ trio" project to start with—and, second, for exercising such superior workmanship in doing so.

I would also like to thank my co-producer, Pacy Shulman, for his customary sonic craftsmanship and for being so easy to work with throughout the entire process.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my longstanding gratitude to both the staff and volunteers at Canada's premier jazz station, Jazz.FM91, as well as to Bob Parlocha in the USA, because they have all provided me with much neededand much appreciatedsupport over the years.

I will also take this occasion to acknowledge some of the musicians who have had a direct, lasting and personal impact on me in the course of my musical development, notably (and in chronological order), William Hoare, Junior Mance, Robert Aitken, Frank Falco, Mike Segal, Bruce Jones, Memo Acevedo, Sir James Galway, Louis Simao, Ruben Diaz and Emilie-Claire Barlow.

Finally, in addition to providing relentless encouragement and support, my wife, Svetlana, has always taken the time to critique me, thoughtfully and intelligently. So, in picking the tunes for this project, I tried to reciprocate, at least in part, by selecting more minor pieces than I otherwise might have (including the title track which is, of course, for her) because not only do minor tunes seem to resonate with her Russian soul but, more importantly, because in choosing to be with me, she has enabled me to...find my place...

Bill McBirnie


The Bill McBirnie Trio
featuring Bernie Senensky & Anthony Michelli
Find Your Place

Consummate Canadian jazz and Latin flutist, Bill McBirnie, has released a new album (his sixth) which departs, in a significant way, from all three of his previously acclaimed acoustic jazz projects (Mercy with Robi Botos; Paco Paco with Bernie Senensky; and Nature Boy with Mark Eisenman). On Find Your Place, Bill has placed the flute in a unique setting - as part of an organ trio!

For this unlikely format, Bill has recruited two outstanding fellow Canadian musicians - Bernie Senensky on Hammond B3 organ and Anthony Michelli on drums. As Bill scintillates on the flute, Bernie delivers a distinctly Larry Young kind of "edge" on the organ while Anthony provides nonstop "snap, crackle and pop" on the drums. Find Your Place showcases a broad scope of material ranging from modal (“Yes Or No"), to Latin (“Soy Califa"), to gospel (“Yes Indeed!" for Sir James Galway) right through to a Beatles' classic (“Oh! Darling"). Concluding this more standard fare is the title track, “Find Your Place", an original written by Bill and dedicated to his wife, Svetlana.

In keeping with Bill's more recent acoustic jazz projects, Find Your Place combines a clear acoustic sonority with the raw authenticity of a blowing session, giving the album a "drop-the-needle-anywhere" presence and charm.

The origins of this organ trio project came about at the recording session for one of Bill's previous albums, Paco Paco, which also featured Bernie Senensky, but who played piano on that prior occasion. As fate would have it, upon arrival at the studio for the Paco Paco recording, Bernie detected a Hammond B3 organ in the corner and, given his known enthusiasm for - as well as prowess on - that instrument, Bernie was excited at the prospect of perhaps playing organ on the Paco Paco session. However, the piano was set up, miked and ready to go - whereas the organ was not. So, after pleading with Bernie (and, as Bill put it, "virtually having to pry both his arms and his fingers from around the Leslie cabinet"), Bill was able to placate him by promising to let Bernie play the organ...on another occasion!...Well, with the release of Find Your Place, that occasion has finally arrived!

This unique organ trio format is also distinguished by the presence of drummer, Anthony Michelli, for whom Bill has been a longstanding advocate because of his remarkable skill, versatility and impeccable musicianship. So now, with all three members of this singular trio combined, they

(1) So In Love (Cole Porter) – Latin
(2) Yes Indeed! (Sy Oliver) – for Sir James Galway – gospel
(3) Sister Sadie (Horace Silver) – swing
(4) Oh! Darling (Lennon/McCartney) – shuffle
(5) Minority (Gigi Gryce) – bebop
(6) Estate (Martino/Brighetti) – bossa nova
(7) Jeannine (Duke Pearson) – swing
(8) Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (Redman/Razaf) – ballad
(9) Yes Or No (Wayne Shorter) – modal
(10) Soy Califa (Dexter Gordon) – Latin/swing
(11) Rhythm-A-Ning (Thelonious Monk) – swing
(12) Find Your Place (Bill McBirnie) – for Svetlana - bossa nova

[Find Your Place is now available at CDBaby and iTunes. Do not hesitate to contact Bill directly, at either or by phone at (416) 652-1541, for interviews regarding his new release.]

Lee Constable


Sorry I didn't notice earlier that Mike Zwerin had very sadly passed away a couple of years ago. If you could assit with detail of his obituary of Chet baker I would be appreciative.

Ciao, Lee

Lee Constable


Can you please advise where I could obtain online ( if possible ) a copy of the obituary that you wrote in 1988 about Chet Baker.

Thanks for your assistance.

Ciao, Lee



I am a fan of Mike's and I would like to pay my respects. Would you have any info on his final resting place? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You


Dear Mike
will You be so kind to send me - if it is possible - promo copy of
Your newest release? Because it is very important for my research
in contemporary Jazz.
I think You will agree that living in Siberia, even in such large
and quickly developing city as Novosibirsk, it is so hard to watch
most interesting and important events in contemporary music.
Snowy Yours -
Serge Tikhanoff, 29, Novosibirsk 63ooo5, RUSSIA

Please ignore this message if you have already received recently
the letter from me.

emin findikoglu

i have a beautiful recording by zip... from their 27/09/86 concert in istanbul... replete with introductions by mike and paul breslin... recorded off the console... and a photo too... it has great mood... the three of them were in great shape that night... i do not know what to do with it... it has too see the light... it is history... my cell phone is 90538 554 7222

Ed Pettersen

Hey Mike-

I'm trying to help legendary sax man Giuseppi Logan. We made a record with Cooper Moore, Larry Roland, Tracy Silverman and myself which is pretty killer and I'd like to get his sax fixed (It's completely destroyed...I had to rent him one). Could you pass along this link to your friends? Thanks a lot!!

Megan Yen

My name is Megan Yen and I am a student at Saratoga High School. A few of my friends and I are working together to create a short documentary about the Swing Youth Movement in Nazi Germany for the 2012 National History Day Competition. The documentary is completely non-commercial and non-profit. Can you recommend anyone we would be able to contact for more information regarding this subject? We would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Megan Yen

Julian Schoen

Hello Mike,
My name is Julian Schoen, I work for Friends of Friends Music, a label and PR hub based in Los Angeles. I stumbled on your site through the Jazz Journalists Association and wanted to establish a dialogue. If you're interested in receiving promos, let me know, I'd love to send you some great music. Thanks


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Klaus Kugel

Dear Mike,

I hope you are well.

Are you still writing cd reviews ?
if yes, please let know your postal adress and the postman will bring you a few new releases !

All the best- Klaus

Klaus KugelGraf-Albert-Strasse 3451709 MarienheideGermanyemail: mail@klauskugel.comphone : +49 2264 4049461cell : +49 173 2545025Fax : +49 321 21 16 79 82

Steinar Aadnekvam

Hi, I would like to get in touch with you regarding the release of the album "Steinar Aadnekvam Presents; from Pernambuco - Brasil: ABACAXEIRO" (MMYH Records, oct 12). I see you are a writer for jazznet - culturekiosque and i think you would take great interest in this release. Please inform me how i can submit a copy of the album and presskit for review. Have a look at for a first insight. Best regards

Dorio Lucich

I'm just a long time fan of Mike'S writing for various Jazz review publications... and I was noticing that I haven't seen anything new for quite some time... so I started searching and found out he passed last year... too bad really but he sure had a long and multifarious run... I'm truly amazed that one life can make such a difference to so many things, people and especially to the music.

Dorio Lucich

Richard Oppenheim

Hello Mike,

I'm following up on the recent release by Katchie & Le Monde Caché, "Tales & Tongues" (Harriton Carved Wax HCW111), which was sent to you a few weeks ago. Did you receive it and, if so, have you had a moment to listen? We'd be interested in your take on the project. Thanks in advance for the use of your ears. p.s.--Kenny Rupp, a friend of mine here in San Antonio, is apparently a former colleague of yours, dating back to the early '60s.

Willis Salomon

I learned much of what I know and love about jazz from
reading Mike Zwerin's intelligent record reviews in Downbeat in the mid-60s. He recognized the importance of Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage when it came out, and his review of it was spot on. I still remember the review vividly, and I still think of it when I listen to the album.

Dwayne Michaels

Jazz Recording Artist Kenny Love

Mr. Zwerin:

We are corresponding to introduce you to Jazz recording artist Kenny Love and his new CD/Album release titled "cAsE sEnSiTiVe."

In a 2011 April/May pre-test marketing campaign, several of Kenny's compositions were acquired by approximately 50 stations worldwide that resulted in their adding several of the compositions to their regular playlists and providing regular broadcast rotation.

As such, the recording has now been officially released and is currently being promoted by nationally established radio promoters, with the first single (track #1) titled "Glide."

You can see what Jazz radio stations and Jazz fans alike are already saying about Kenny's music at

We, graciously, request your consideration of listening to Kenny's original musical compositions at

His primary website is also available for your review at

If you would like to receive a news release or a complete media kit, please inform us as such.

If you are interested in receiving a media kit we would, graciously, appreciate your informing us on your choice of receiving a digital/electronic media kit via email, or your preference in receiving a print version via postal mail.

In advance, thank you.


Dwayne Michaels and Pat Dean, Media Publicists
FOR: AVE NuStudio & The KEL Group


Hello, on May 9, you posted a letter regarding Slumgum's new album on Accretions. There is a link that was published to download the album that is meant for members of the press only. Could you please remove that link?

Thank you very much.

Jonathan Armstrong

Hello Mike,
I got your name from the culturekiosque website. I am listening and very much enjoying your rendition of Peace right now as I write you.
I am contacting you regarding my Jazz group Slumgum's newest release "Quardboard Flavored Fiber" out on Accretions records. I have included in this our one sheet regarding the new release and we would love to get your ears and thoughts on it. You can download the music for free at the following website set up by Accretions.
Hope all is well, and thank you for your time.

Artist: Slumgum
Title: Quardboard Flavored Fiber
Label: Accretions (Cat. #alp052 CD)

Slumgum, a perpetually inventive quartet from Los Angeles, has
released a new album abounding with imagination. “Quardboard Flavored
Fiber," the band’s second release, features colorful compositions that
reveal Slumgum’s wide-ranging influences, including jazz, world music,
and modern classical music. However, Slumgum’s unique voice stems
from years of collective music making, resulting in a language all
their own. With their new album, Slumgum is a capricious storyteller,
giving life to volatile moods against a vibrant sonic backdrop. On
each track, their original music is delivered with exhilarating
spontaneity, whether cradled as a delicate object, cast off with
reckless abandon, or ignited in ecstatic frenzy. Their long-standing
friendship allows these four musicians to collaborate with a facility
and playfulness that is rare for an ensemble. Their trust allows
Slumgum to take risks for the love of adventure and to explore the
mysteries of sound. The result is a vital music that projects their
sheer joy in playing together; for the listener, a joy that is

"An outstanding risk-taking jazz quartet from Los Angeles ... their
soloing is masterful, their veneer metropolitan and their technical
prowess top-notch."
--Gabe Meline, North Bay Bohemian

"After hearing them in Aspen this past summer, NJMH Directors Loren
Schoenberg and Christian McBride agreed that Slumgum was a brilliant
band … we were both knocked out by their originality and artistry."
--National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Slumgum is: Trevor Anderies – drums; Jon Armstrong – tenor sax,
clarinet; Rory Cowal – piano, rhodes; David Tranchina – bass,

For more information, or for an interview, contact Jonathan Armstrong by
telephone: (206) 390 – 5934, or by email: Or, visit
the website at

jochen behring

hi mike -
do you have a copy of "good golly miss nany" in stock ?
that would be great.
kind regards

Win Hinkle

I corresponded with Mike, but finally met him for the first time in Orlando, FL, when he was visiting his daughter in the early '90s. I now live in Boston but will be going to FL in a few days. I would love to meet his daughter if she still lives in the area and talk about Mike. Thank you.

alfred leslie

yo guys!

i was a new york friend of mikes and was in contact w him in his last days at the hospital. i was hoping he knew the wherabouts of the wonderfull orchastration he did of a song of mine MAGIC THINKING . he was too ill to remeber anyhting. The score was lost in a disaterous 1966 fire that took down my studio. Wondering if you ever turned up anyhting of MAGIC THINKING in MIKES archive .
mike was one really great guy and we had some great moments together. and yr website ! so very fine!

all my bests alfred leslie

Michael Simmons

Dear Zwerin Website,

I'm a musician, journalist and fan of Michael Zwerin's writing since the 1960s. Can someone contact me please? I have a query about something Zwerin.

Thanks, Michael

David Fairweather

I just read your liner notes to the Complete Birth of the Cool. I was struch by your remarks about Wardell Gray w/ Count Basie. I adore Wardell Gray and I can really relate to your comments about how memorable it was to see him in Prez' chair. You probably know that recordings do exist of some of those live dates. And you may recall that Anita O'Day was also featured as a vocalist with that same band. The last time I talked to Anita I asked her if she remembered Wardell in that band. Anita was still recovering from a stroke and her memory was affected. But after a long pause she said "Wardell? Wardell Gray? Wasn't he the fella that could play twenty choruses and make you wonder where each one came from?"

Thought you might enjoy hearing that!

David Frazer Wray

I didn’t know that Mike had died. It came as a shock. Today I decided to look up some old friends and acquaintances on the Internet, just to see what had become of them, and I found this website with its tragic news.
I knew Mike in Paris 30 years ago. At the time, we were both writing intermittently for Paris Passion magazine, he as a respected music critic, I as a rookie journalist. I felt that I got to know him before we had even met, just by reading his articles with their effortless style and encyclopaedic knowledge of modern music.
Over the next 5 years we bumped into each other on a regular basis and got to know each other quite well on a professional level, although our social circles never really overlapped.
One particular episode lingers in my mind. Together with about 20 or so French journos, we had been invited to a press reception for Nina Simone. As everyone seemed to be reluctant to ask questions in English, including Mike, I ended up doing the interviewing for everyone. Eventually this led to Mike, Ms. Simone’s manager and I sitting over a drink long after everyone else had left. Her manager was spilling the beans about Nina’s drinking problem and his intention of ditching her.
For a lot of journalists this would have amounted to a juicy story, but not to Mike. He had too much humanity, dignity and respect for that. I took my lead from him. In spite of the protests of the managing editor, the story was never written.
Mike was a man to admire. You have my sincerest condolences.

Erin Fusco

Dear Mr. Zwerin,

I would like to send you a copy of our latest jazz release, PORTRAIT OF JACK JOHNSON by virtuoso Chicago bassist Karl E. H. Seigfried, helped out by rising stars Greg Ward (sax) and Frank Rosaly (drums).

It features THE BOXING BASSIST SUITE - musical portrayals of three world champion boxers who were also jazz bass players: Jack Johnson, Archie Moore, and
Ezzard Charles.

It also includes PORTRAITS IN JAZZ - dedications to jazz artists that Seigfried has worked with (Fred Anderson, Jimmy Cheatham) or who have inspired his work
(Mary Lou Williams, Roswell Rudd, Sidney Bechet).

Would you mind sending me your postal address?


Erin Fusco
Promotions Director
Imaginary Chicago Records

Mike Spinrad

I loved Close Enough for Jazz--the only music biography I've read multiple times.

Ken Lutes

Loved MZ's Parisian Jazz Chronicles v much and went hunting for Close Emough For Jazz, etc . My local library came through where bookshops & internet did not. Thanks VPL in V'couver BC. Mike Zw rules,. CEFJ is really just a warmup/precursor for PJC but worthwhile if you're lucky enough to find it. It's where he really gets on his Camus 4U. KL

Ken Lutes

I'm reading and loving Mike's Parisian Jazz Chronicles and have just heard of his recent death. First of all, condolences to all in his extended family. What an amazing and admirable guy,

I've just started hunting for Close Enough For Jazz but it seems to be out of print. Any suggestions?

Ken Lutes

Nick Aston

I am editorial assistant for a magazine called Music Trade Gazette and am contacting yourselves to request permission to use an image of Mike for publication for an obituary. Please can you let me know if this is ok? Thanks.

Luciane Maia

I have to say that Mike scared me a bit at my first visit to his house in Paris...
I thought I wasn\'t cool enough, smart enough, hip enough for him.
It took me sometime and it probably took him sometime too, but we did get to be close in a very nice way.
I guess we shared a little bit of the same doubts and life anx sometimes...
We enjoyed few dinners and drinks together at the corner bar when Ben was not around.
Interesting man he was...
I will never forget our \"photo shooting day\" around Williamsburg.
Suddenly, I\'m the one who got a gig!
Not sure if it was Ben or Raed who made him laugh that way at the edge of the East River.
I\'m glad I was camera ready to catch such a great smile.
Hope you are smiling up there...
You are certainly being missed down here...
Luciane Maia

Ilan Oz

With lot of chutzpa I called Mike up in Paris, it was autumn 1997, and proposed that he comes over to Belgium to make an article about the jazz scene.
To my great surprise he agreed. I put him up during his 3 days stay and we hit the clubs, went to visit & interview musicians, interview of Mike at the national radio and I invited everybody over for a drink to come and meet with him.
We hit it fine since the moment he stepped off the train and we had long conversations, stories and memories about his stint in Israel, Haifa that is also my home town.
The highlight of his visit was our visit to Toots Thielemans, while Mike was chatting Toots I went to help in the kitchen preparing lunch.
Then I drove him to the station, we talked and he was running his recorder. I asked why and he said he wants to do a feature about me as central figure.
I begged him not to and he sharply retorted « don’t tell me how to do my job ! » We parted on that sharp note.
Later on he told me that the IHT editor rejected the feature saying « Belgium, it’s a small story, nobody is interested »
Nevertheless, sometime later, on the occasion of Toots’ 75th birthday he did publish a big article with the interview he did at Toots place.
Meeting and hosting Mike was a thrilling event.



We would like to run an obituary for Mike Zwerin in the Guardian Newspaper this week. There are a few pictures on the website which we would be interested in using alongside the article - 2 portraits by Luciane Maia and one captioned w/Rock and Ben at The Swan in Paris. Please could you let me know if it would be possible for us to publish these pictures (we are happy to provide credit) and whether you would be able to send me copies of the images at a higher resolution. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information

Kind regards


Sebastian Scotney /LondonJazz

I will never forget how kind Mike was to me in the period snce I first met him in 2005. An inspiration through writing, a unique figure in jazz. Thank you Mike!


J'aimais croiser Mike dans les concerts avec sa passion intacte pour la bonne musique, il me (nous) manquera

John Greaves

I always thought Mike’s greatest talent was to be able to nail the ceo in the Marriott in Frankfurt or Shanghai with a piece in the IHT about some jazz player of no interest whatsoever to his hapless reader and make it impossible not to lap up every last detail..A weekly victory for our side I always revelled in. Such was the immediacy of his writing, all the more poignant in his autobiographical work.
He said to me quite recently that if ever he had doubts about why he lived in Paris, a walk over the Pont Neuf of a spring evening would instantly dispel them. I took the walk last night and it still works. But a very significant something is now missing.
Cheers Mike,
John Greaves

Joe Golldiamond

I was an American living in Paris from the late 70s to the year 2000. In the mid-eighties, a friend introduced me to jazz and fter that I became a regular and avid reader of Mike's articles on jazz in the International Herald Tribune. That buddy and I saw Chet Baker's last jazz performance at the New Morning and shared a few beers with him at about fuur ia.m., when the music was over. I was touched to learn only a few months later that Baker had fallen from a window in Amsterdam, so what did I do? I called a man I had never met, Mike Zwerin at the IHT. He had written a beautiful story about Chet Baker, less an obit or a eulogy than an elegy and song of praise. So, Mike talked with me for about half an hour and he was perfectly friendly, natural and wise. I liked him instantly. One thing more, he was a journalist of the pre-Internet age, when taking your time to find the perfect word was akin to hitting the right note. His words sung.

Randall Koral

Back in the 1980s I wanted Mike to write for the magazine I was editing here in Paris, but he didn't want to jeopardize his regular gig with the Herald Tribune. So we decided he would write under a pseudonym — Johnny Staccato — and I was sworn to secrecy. Every month when he handed in his column, Mike/Johnny would ask if his secret was safe, and every month I asssured him it was. I think he was genuinely worried someone would learn of his moonlighting but I also think he enjoying writing under cover. Johnny Staccato (no relation to the character played by John Cassavetes in the 1959 TV series) developed into a tough-talking Parisian horn player who saw "ghosts on every corner". Thanks for Johnny, Mike. Thanks for the music. Thanks for everything.

Michael Lydon

Just heard of Michael's passing from my friend Jim Payne. God bless and keep him!! A fine writer and true music lover


Mike Zwerin was really one of my favorite people .When I decided to stay in France in 1980, Mike was one of the first persons that I contacted. I didn't know Mike personnaly but I knew who he was, since 1964 when I discouvered Jazz..I read about and of him in Downbeat etc....and I bought the MACK THE KNIFE/SEXTET ORCHESTRA USA record and the record he recorded with Archie Shepp as well.I knew Mike was living in Paris and so I called him up one day. And that was the beginning of our 30 year friendship. Not only did we play together and hang out together from time to time but Mike really was an incredible supporter of me as an jazz artist-trombonist. He wrote about me and voted for me and was always so generous with his words. And Mike was surely blessed with the gift of the word.What a great writer he was. Not only in his articles about jazzmen and other artists but with his books as well. Sometimes I would ask Mike to send me weeks of articles he wrote for the International Herald Tribune, one's that I hadn't yet read and he would. I loved reading his books as well. Mike didn't play to often in the last few years but please check out his discography and you will hear some great soulful bone-bass trumpet playing.The man was definitely talented.Anyway, So I thank all the gods who blessed me to have had Mike as a friend. See you around Mike.


Je viens d'apprendre le décès de Mike. Je ne le connaissais pas bien, mais depuis longtemps, et je n'ai joué avec lui qu'une seule fois. J'ai toujours gardé en tête certains de ses articles dans lesquels l'art et la sensibilité étaient toujours présents.
Paix à son Âme.


Dr. Jazz

I am so very sad to hear of Mike's passing. I am thankful for the quality time I spent with him in San Sebastian.

Reality Check

HUGE THX!!!!!!
Your article about Cindy Blackman, still has my sides splitting with laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came across it on the Gretsch drums site. The first time I saw and heard her drum,was at a local music store. They had her drum DVD playing. Myself and 4 other drummer\'s asked the owner for barf bags. This wannabe chick drummer SUCKS!!!!!!! I then remembered that she had worked with Lenny Kravitz. She is even worse as a rock style player!!!!!!
I think that you must have been on drugs,when you wrote your hype about Cindy. She is sloppy and boring behind a kit.
I started drum study in 1968 and teaching in 94. Check out some of the top female drummer\'s on You tube.
I give Cindy a talent and ability rating of 3,on a scale of 20.
I wish that I could post a counter comment on the G drums site page. Cindy stands waaaaaaaay back in the long line of top female drummer\'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I do thank you for your article of hype and humor about this,ALL ABOUT ME,drummer.
Live ready and look up 2 live!


my name is Grzegorz i read in Poland.
I have every CD's in Mr. I love Jazz.

I have cancer but I have 25 years old.
I dream about two signed photo for me from Mr. in CD or photo's.

Very very thank YOU!

My home address:
44-194 KNUROW

tod carver

Hello Michael-

I'm writing to thank you for your influence on my career, for better or for worse. In the spring of 1966, you wrote a review of in Down Beat of Ransey Lewis' recordiing of
"The In Crowd,"

In your review, you compared this tune to the Byrds' "Elght Miles High," which has been released that same spring (1966 was, for some reason, a great year for jazz and pop music).

I was a kid in Youngstown, Ohio who was listening to 'Trane, Miles, Mingus, and The Byrds in the spring of '66.
I was reading the jazz critics of the time, who despised James Brown, and considered any album with a Hammond organ, forget about conga drums, to besome form of anti-jazz commercialism. I'm sure you remember.

Of course, you were a musician, not a wannabe who got paid a couple of bucks for trashing hard working musicians.

At any rate, your comparison of "The In Crown" and Eight Miles High" in 1966 helped me focus on my career as a
jazz-rock musician, which led to the apex of my career,
playing with Tony Williams' band in 1979, and, well, here I am now, in Tokyo, playing jazz standards in posh hotels.
Could be worsee...

Anyway, I've wanted to thank you for that Down Beat review for forty years and now I've gotten the chance.

Tod Carver


I just finished reading your book, La Tristesse de Saint Louis, which I liked enormously. I am waiting to get The Silent Sound of Needles through inter-library loan, and I am also interested in The Parisian Jazz Chronicles.

Anyway, I also like your website, the quotations, and the music. May I ask if you have listened to the Cuban trombonists, especially Generoso Jimenez, or Jesus "Aguaje" Ramos of Buena Vista Social Club fame, or the
late Juan Pablo Torres. The rhythm and exuberance of these trombonists - not to mention the great Barry Rogers - make most jazz trombonists sound weak. Your sound appears to be an exception to this.

Also, if Chet Baker had only recorded the "Chet in Paris" release with Twardzik, or "Chet in Tokyo," or "The Last Great Concert," it would have been enough. In terms of lyricism, and rhythm, too, he leaves Miles Davis in the dust. I think the excessive emphasis on Miles Davis has been very negative for the appreciation of trumpeters like Baker. I cannot even listen to Davis much anymore - there is something extremely cold in his playing.

I look forward to reading your other books.


Marcela Jenkins aka Marcela Breton


bonjour Mr Mike...
Mr Jungk m a dit que du bien de vous...
Et en ecoutant votre morceau sur votre site je comprends maintenant pourquoi...
Au plaisir, louiza...

Nicole Poole

Dear Mr. Zwerin - I'm reading your translation of Boris Vian's "Round About Close to Midnight," and cling to your work like a lizard on a sea wall. Let me explain - I'm an American actor who works in a compositional sign language called Soundpainting, and my proposal to do a project based on the multi-disciplinary works of Vian was taken up by a mess of French jazz musicians. Apparently we're going to show something in Bordeaux next summer. My French is terrible and I don't play an I have been terrified, and up until now, bluffing with abstract ideas. Nonetheless, I feel a strong connection to Vian and I stick with it, but with remedial French it hasn't been easy. Your natural fealty for the form and affinity with his style has helped in ways I can't yet express; I feel I finally have an anchor for the work I hope to achieve. Thank you, and then some. I hope the world is treating you kindly.

Bob Blumenthal

I hope this finds you well, and I'm ashamed to admit that I don't seem to have your email address.
A friend is heading to Paris October 2-6 and asked me to recommend jazz clubs. Finding nothing of use on the internet, I thought that you might have a few suggestions.
As of June, I am no longer consulting with Marsalis Music. I have a Sonny Rollins book in the works with the photographer John Abbott, but otherwise am "between projects." Looking forward to hearing from you./Bob

Robert Rosner

Loved your article from 2002 "Eddie Rosner Revival : The First Authentic Ghost Band In Russia" at
regarding my cousin, Addy Rosner. Filled in some holes. Very cool! Thanks. Now I have to get my hands on the "Jazzman" film about him. Heard it is on DVD, but the European PAL version. Nice tunes on your site :O) Smoooth!

Tom Overrill

I got a copy of Not Much Noise at a stall at the Nice Jazz Festival 30 odd years ago, Christian Escoude had been a big attraction that year. It has always been one of my go to late night records. It still sounds fresh (especially compared with so much from that era that has dated badly). Great stuff from the man who kept Joe Zawinal from the last in all the encyclopedias of jazz.

Sidney Tweel

Hey Mike, I'm a washed up bone player who has been getting into Miles these days. I just found out who you are. You are the Man.

Pat Williams

I liked your site.

Guy Onyeoru.

I love your site and i dey hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I just read your liner notes on my latest catch ‘The complete birth of the cool’ and ended up here on your site (thnx Google). Great read, your way into the Birth of the Cool group. Good laughs in the Secrets & Lies section: I might print Shelly Manne’s definition on my guitar case. Time providing, I’ll be back for those articles. Thanks, Joris

Lieve Beurghs

Hello Mike, I'm in my last year at the Music Conservatory of Leuven (the Lemmens institute), Belgium. Jazz Department.I'm writing my thesis about music in times of war (I got inspired while working with Dré Pallemaerts -one of my teachers- on the Armistice Project that he plays with Bill Carothers). I want to find out about the meaning of music in times of misery: war, oppression, times of big losses and pain... To me music is a universal language, something that gives us the opportunity to connect with each other and also with something greater than ourselves. I want to know about music(ians) in times of war: does music really connect people in those times? or is it some sort of luxury you don't really think about when you are in such pain? would I still feel a musician in times of war?? or would I basically not give a damn about music when I'm too hungry to think straight?
I'm reading your book 'La tristesse de Saint-Louis. I would like to meet you and talk to you about this subject. Have to hand in my thesis in march, so there's not much time left, but still, I wanted to try and contact you this way. Maybe I can come over to Paris and meet you there.
My jazz history teacher Marc Van Den Hoof is the one who advised me to read your book and to contact you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Stephanie Thompson

Hi there! I am a good friend of Raed's in New York, and after reading the great article you wrote about him years back, he led me to your book, The Parisian Jazz Chronicles. I just finished it and told Ben I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated it and how much it inspired me. I am trying to do my own writing after a decade as a trade journalist covering marketing and your honesty, bravery and wit was so refreshing...The methadone/Manischewitz connection made me laugh out loud and resonated so clearly, as did so much else in the book. It is real as so much is not, and for that I thank you profusely! Best wishes,

Stephanie Thompson


Please do deliver this message to Mr Zwerin thank you very much for your kindness in advance, thanks for all.

I am a great admirer of yours with only 24 years, and a fan of your music. I imagine you, the great artists receive hundreds of letters each day as mine, but I need to ask a favor, you can send a photo with a signed his dedication to me. I do receive such a big illusion precious treasure for me, and I'm calling Rodolfo de Barcelona (Spain).
I await your answer, if so, send him my postal address.
Thanks to devote a few minutes of your time.
Best regards
Rodolfo Monserrat

Paul Murty

A perceptive friend gave me "Swing under the Nazis" for Zmas. There is so much to love and so much fun in that book. I'm raving about it to everyone who will listen. Thanks a lot.



I was in despair today reading what passes for music criticism in the New Yorker today. See

Oy vay, this is terrible, warmed over Rolling Stone magazine stuff.

My cringe at reading this contrasts with the great pleasure I had over the years reading your criticism in the IHT during my life and career working around the world. You set a standard that these young guys are having a real problem living up to (and I say that as someone closer to their age than yours.)

Sincerely yours,

Dennis Whittle

basile KAMIR

Dear Mike,
I hope you are happy and well.
Maybe you remember those quite days in Louveciennes ?
Just to tell you how often i think about you; seeing the world
getting "balkenizid" a little more every day.
I m so sorry your were dam right.
Anyway we just keep on truckin !

Margarita Salasyuk

Bonjour Mike, I am a friend of Raed Khazen. Raed had a copy of Jazz Chronicles lying around in the house, and I surreptitiously (or so I thought) stole it for the day... Perhaps it would warm your heart to know that another soul laughed all day long enjoying your wit and take on life. Thank you for the pleasure!
ps Raed always speaks fondly of you.

Andr ea Venegas

I was wondering if you are the Michael Zwerin who wrote the book - a while back now - The Silent Sound of Needles.


Andrea Venegas

lado pengov-pengall

Ola Monsieur Zwerin,
on and on I'm listening to Your music.What un musicien Vous-etez,arregementz and solos! what a musician You are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
salute Lado

Christopher Wicking

Dear Mike

You and I met a couple of times in Paris a good many years ago now, via John Jeremy, when I was trying to finance a number of TV shows, including 'The Jazz Department' and I was hoping to involve you. But you quite rightly figured it would never get off the ground! I've just found your wonderful website (having lost you post-IHT) - and feel very delighted to have access again to your thoughts and enthusiasms. I'm now living between Nimes and Montpellier. I don't get to Paris very often but next time I do, maybe I can look you up?. In the meantime, please keep up the great work on your most elegant site!

all good wishes - Chris

Hal Singer

Dear Mike,

I went to the meeting for Ricky Ford and was hoping to see you again there with all the musicians for this photo shot.
I have lost your contact and would like to ear from you.
Our phone is 01 39 52 30 08. We live in Chatu.
Best wishes to you. Hal Singer


would like to know where your next performance will be held ?
Love your work.

ken wilkie

High Mike!
Have just had a great hour on your website. Really dig it. It's the only website I've arrived on that swings.
How are you? I'm in Paris from time to time doing the offline edit on my first film. Doing a book a year and travel writing still. Send me your telephone number and email and I'll let you know when I'm next in town and maybe we can meet and catch up on the lost chords.
A bientôt

kenny colman

Hi Mike, long time no hear..hope you still swingin' ? I know you must be, as we older cats just keep on kepin on eh ?

I amstill out there hustling for gigs anywhere I can..just found out today I did not get the gig at Hotel de Paris for this is a sad day for me today..I wanted that gig..Idid the Vncouver Jazz Fest this past July over 2000 in atendance it was an overwhelming experience that my hoe town showed me..check out my web also check out re an interview and post comments and some TV footage of me just strating oyt KC & the Chris Gage trio...from 1964...ouch ! also on "you Tube more of the smae form that TV show 4 more songs one with Barney Kessel..I am going to go and locate your book chronical well, and I hope you are well..thanks, getting my name eout there, it was my pleasure..sir Mike..later Kenny

Eric Liftig

Just wondering if there is a new book in the works. Really look forward to reading more of your writing. Sorely miss your articles in Herald Tribune ( can't get Bloomberg News here in Sweden) Thanks for many enjoyable hours of reading pleasure. Best, Eric Liftig Gbg, Sweden

Laurie Gay Robinson

Hay Mike, Do you remember a young 15 year old you met at a Janis Joplin in Buffalo? Well I remember you very well and wondered if you were still around. I went to here a Jazz writer for the NY Times and he told me how to get ahold of you! I am now 56, and artist and a mother of an 19 yearold. Our sexual explotes had a profound affect of me so I wanted to contact you. Please email me, Thak you

reuben jackson

Thanks for the review of the Ayler film. I have often imagined Ayler playing on, say, K Street here in Washington, DC ( the lawyer haven in this burg) a prophet in the midst of cell phones and blackberrys... That sad/hopeful, trembling sound... Thanks again.

Steve Finn

Mike, thanks for your article on Jaco. He worked hard at his music and it is what mattered to him. The problems he had were mysteries he never figured out how to deal with, and people often let that overshadow the rest of who Jaco was.
Steve Finn

lado pengov-pengall

Messieur Zwerin,
I am on Your internet pages reading about Minton,Miles and All Killian and Your youth experience playing jazz in N.Y.I read You were playing with All in N.Y.I am Killian fan from my youth.i have got an article about his death.HE WAS FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE 5 HOURS!!!!!Nobody took him to the hospital!that was time of Korean war and surgeris were much more modern as before.
I was reading Buck Clayton biography where he has some sentencies about him.Buck hated him quite obviously.Would You be so kind and in future write me some sentences about Killian what a person he was?Si Vous ete si gentile Quand Vous sera "in the mood"?Seulment quelqes parole?

beacoup de solutations
Lado Pengov-Pengall,peintre-66 ans

Paul Maher Jr.

Mike, I would like permission to reprint the following for a book of Miles Davis interfviews and encounters:

April 9, 1998 - "The Prince of Silence"

July 23, 1998 - "Miles The Painter: Colorful Flowing Lines

August 5, 1998 - "Miles the Movie Star - Dingo"

This is for Chicago Review Press, print run of 5000 at 14.95
North American Rights
Spring 2007

I thank you for your consideration in this matter.
Best, Paul Maher Jr.

Howard Kanovitz

You'll find this refreshing.
1957 (winter) .Dennis Cunninghan you and I to Mannheim and Heidelburg in your deux cheveaux. From there to Grenoble where Paul Haines was living. You and I played a couple of sessions as "Mike & Ike" (two bones). written about with photos in a half page article in Grenoble daily
We dropped off Dennis. Then we went on to Geneva where we spent an alarmingly funny night and a day with Terry
Southern. Lots more about that time yet to tell.
And recall The Upper Boohemia Six (ca. 1959?-correct me
on date if mistaken) Monday nights at the newer Five Spot.,
A fab agregation it was. Richard Davis, Freddie Redd, later Mal Waldron, Joe Chambers,, jay Cameron and (as they say) last but not least, Larry Riivers, toi et moi.. lots of photos. You would love them.
Am spending second winter in Nice with lover of ten years. We married in October. Painting, pastelling, showing next in Frankfurt. No more trombone for me. Left shoulder torn rotator cuff put stop to my love affair with the horn. Noodle some every day on melodica and recorder, recalling the great tunes.
Love to hearc from you
Howard K

Roberto Cappai

Good morning!
My name is Roberto, I'm italian and I frequent my last year in an italian college in paris.
I want to make my exam talking about Jazz in Nazist only source is internet, so I have an answer: can you say me where i can find informations?
Thank you!


Hi Mike,
I've been reading about you - and others - in Phyllis's memoirs. Fun remembering the bad old days. Our young days. I was 70 last week. Phew!
I've written my story as a roman a clef but can't even get Hi Hi Mike
I've been reading about you - and others - in Phyllis's memoirs. Fun remembering the bad old days. Our young days. I was 70 last week. Phew!
I hope you're well.
Love, Hanja

craig Sams

Dear Mike

We have archived back issues of Seed Magazine online and they include some of your stuff. If you\\\'re interested they\\\'re at

Hope all is well.


mario lago

Mr Zwerin, you have, finally, reappeared.
As a regular reader of IHT and an old jazz fan and an amateur drummer (we have a small group playing standards )I was missing your intelligent and subtle comments. The Italian Musica Jazz monthly enabled me now to follow you up.
Keep swinging and good luck.
Mario Lago

Keep swinging and all the best.
Mario Lago

einar moos

great site, mike!

hope to see one of these ds -


Graziano Dal Fitto

Hello Mike, my name is Graziano. I'm a your fan. I'd like to receive a your photo with autograph.

My address is:
Dal Fitto Graziano c/o Dott. Tibaldo Silvano
via lorenzoni 39/a
36075 Montecchio Maggiore VICENZA

Thank you very much!!

Feyza, singer from Istanbul

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say hi again...and hope all's well...
I am reading your articles with great pleasure.
Thanks..and look forward to more!
all my best,